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Rebalance & energise your mind, body and soul

These sessions are perfect for people who may be feeling 'just not quite right' and just want to get back on track, right through to those with pressing emotional issues that are affecting their lives. This session can help to get back on the path of your own truth, connecting you back to their heart centre.


This profound and effective healing aligns and harmonises your energy centres and body's energy field, bringing about a clear, balanced energetic body for the mind, body and soul. Working with your chakra's and auric field through this session can bring insight and clarity where there may have been an energetic imbalance, confusion, angst or emotional turmoil, as well as bring about a sense of balance and calm.


Along with guided intuition, Heidi uses energy healing, vocal toning, sound bowls, crystals and essential oils. She weaves an element of spiritual guidance and counselling into the treatment, which is gentle but also integral to full integration of the session.


The energy work that Heidi shares is deep, and can be very powerful. Some people feel they just want to go home and rest or sleep to allow time for the session to assimilate, while others can feel clear and energised right away. It is strongly recommended that you create some quiet time for yourself after the session to allow it the healing to integrate.

1.5hrs   $135

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