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 Massage & Intuitive Energy Healing all in one session

This really is the 'best'.  Massage as well as intuitive energy healing together is perfect for someone who knows they need a thorough nurturing and restorative massage for their body, but are also ready to receive the beautiful energy balance that an integrative intuitive healing receiving brings. You're in good hands with Heidi's extensive knowledge and training of 20+ years and can expect to receive a blissful, relaxing, grounding session.


Heidi weaves elements of spiritual guidance and counselling into this treatment based on universal love.This ultimately brings a sense of calm, clarity and ease, connecting you with your inner flow on a deeper level.


This multi modality session can be very relaxing as well as powerful. Some people feel they just want to go home and rest or sleep to allow time for the session to assimilate, while others can feel clear and energised right away. It is strongly recommended that you create some space for quiet time for yourself after the session to allow it the healing to integrate.

2hrs   $180

with upper half body massage

2 & 3/4hrs   $245

with full body massage

Half & Half of 'The Best': Service
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