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Sacred Subconscious technique

Past Life Regression - Sacred Subconscious technique is a powerful and deep healing tool for those who are aware there are blocks or challenges in their life but they just can't seem to identify the 'why' or the 'how do I get past this'. These sessions are facilitated in a safe, warm & welcoming space where the client is deeply relaxed and can gently unravel & discover their own past lives, experiences and potential blocks brought through from these past lives. This can bring about a clarity & understanding for the client with a higher level of awareness and peace to their current situations. It's very normal to have many more questions about this style of healing, how it works and what to expect. Getting in touch with Heidi for a phone chat or to have more information sent to you is encouraged. Don't hesitate to reach out and ask!


 3-4 hours duration: $330

Past Life Regression: Services
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